Roof Maintenance in Herefordshire

All roofs, domestic, commercial or industrial require general maintenance. Roofs require twice-annual inspections to ensure efficiency of the water proofing. JW Roofing solutions provide Hereford roofing maintenance for residential, domestic and commercial roofs. Inspecting your roof with twice yearly inspections can prevent internal damage and increase the life of you roof substantially.

Photo of repair work to a chimney With our Hereford roofing maintenance programmes, we inspect your roof thoroughly, document potential problem areas, suggest immediate remedies and solutions to extend the service life of your roof and provide you with an estimated time frame of when you will need to replace the roof.

Junctions in roofs are potential trouble spots. Ridge and hip tiles may work loose, needing re-bedding, and lead flashings and mortar fillets at chimneys etc should be inspected for early signs of deterioration. In the loft, look for water staining and other evidence of leaks, remembering that this may be some distance from the point of entry. Unmaintained gutters and roofs can lead to severe flooding and disruption to business or homelife. Some Insurance companies insist on clients undertaking routine roof inspections and gutter cleaning. JW Roofing solutions, your local Hereford Roofer offer annual or twice-yearly contracts. Please contact us for more details.

Photo of repairWhether you have a few missing/slipped tiles, lead flashing are perishing, your gutters require cleaning, or your chimney needs re-pointing – JW Roofing solutions can help – please contact us for more information.


Frequently asked questions:

"Should moss be removed from roof structures?"

Answer: Yes - Excessive moss is often undesirable on roofs. Moisture retention may cause damage to roof coverings, and acidic rainwater run-off to gutters or roofs below can corrode certain metals. Tecta Roofing provide a roof cleaning service and will also check the condition of your roof for any other deterioration.


"My gutters are sagging, leaking and unstable – do they need fully replacing?"

Answer: A roof/gutter inspection will determine the severity of the problem. The gutters maybe at the end of their life and therefore require replacing or there could be a build-up of vegetation/debris and therefore need cleaning. The brackets and fixings maybe loose or decaying – therefore they could need replacing or re-fixing also.

"I have a leak – I think it’s entering by the chimney stack – what could this be?"

Answer: Your lead flashing/lead box gutter/lead aprons around the base of your chimney stack could be in need of replacement. Step flashing/aprons and box gutters are pieces of lead – that are shaped around the base chimney to stop water from entering under the roof structure.

If you have a question about a roofing problem, please get in touch...

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