When a roof starts giving you more than one major problem, thats when you need to think about having a new roof. An average roofs life span is 70 years, but it all depends on the roofs material and environment. 

A new roof will provide 100% protection for your home. All our Roofing work is guaranteed and is covered with public liability insurance. We are skilled in all types of tiles / slates and references of our Hereford Roofing are available at request.

Fibre Cement Slates

Fibre cement slates are a new cheaper solution to original roof slates, where as original slates can break easily due to weather climate, every fibre cement slate is rivited down to stop wind entering underneath and making the slate vulnerable.

Welsh Slate

The welsh slate can come in all different shades of colour and all different sizes, there are many other similar slates to the welsh.

Spanish Slate

The spanish slate leaves a more attractive finish but comes at a higher price, there are other slates similar to the Spanish slate such as the Brazilian slate, Canadian trinity and Chinese roofing slate.

Melbourn Interlocking Slate

The melbourn interlocking slate is a developed to provide a lightweight alternative to natural slate. It closely resembles natural slate in composition and appearance, but its easier and faster to install.

Roof Tiling

Roof Tiling

At JW Roofing solutions, we can offer many different types of tiled Roofs, from natural Clay tiles to man made concrete tiles. Dry verge and Dry Ridge Systems can be incorporated into tiled roofs, to create a clean and modern look. We can also secure Ridges and verges with traditional mortar. All new tiled Roofs come with a 10 year guarantee.

For more information on the different Roof tiles available please click on the links below.